Information Technology Center

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Nguyen Van Phi

Information Technology Center helps the president to build and support IT program. This center has duties as follows:

1/ Build and implement information support planning for management and training of college, including : support for IT resources (hardware and software); application on network system, network, EMS, SMS; network integration planning, system hardware; develop and maintain applied program.

2/ Link with Divisions, related Centers to research, develop IT resources aiming to serve management and training of college.

3/ Make a plan and co-ordinate with organizations, individuals who are out of college on researching, developing IT.

4/ Operate, maintain telecommunications equipment systems, information technology of college ; develop and manage computer network system, information system management of college.

5/ Keep connection between LAN and WAN, supply and manage Internet services. Develop and manage applications, services on network of college ; develop and manage Website of college.

6/ Implement services about technological transfer, consultancy and information solution; build, select, exploit, disseminate educational management software, teaching software for units of college.

7/  Apply information  and communication technology into activities such as collection, solution, storage and provision of information : data analysis on education and training in order to serve management of college.

8/ Co-ordinate with Divisions in supporting practice teaching ; apply new technology on education; attend on implementing distance learning program and other related program, project.

9/ Propose scientific research content on information field, IT development in education; apply research result in practice. Attend on assessing IT projects managed by college.


Information Technology Center HR

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