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Library helps the President to manage, use, develop kinds of letters, documents, material resources in order to contribute to management, research, training, study, and entertainment of college. The center has the following duties:

1/ Information works:

a/ Research, propose direction, policy of developed planning on material resources of culture, science, technology suitable for training duty and scientific research of college; simultaneously take responsibilities for its maintenance.

b/ Research, update, exploit material resources in order to serve management, teaching, research and studying of college.

c/ Organize information, propaganda, introduction on material resources for staff, lecturers and learners of college to research, use.

d/ Compose, publish and propagate scientific information publication in order to serve works of college.

đ/ Manage communication and TV network in order to serve students.

2/ Libraryworks:

a/ Build and organize program, planning of library activities yearly and long-term.

b/ Meet demands and make advantage conditions for readers in using materials resources and attend activities supplied by the library.

c/ Collect, supplement and exploit materials; maintain materials resources and select backward, corrupt materials to throw away out of library according to Regulations of library.

d/ Link and co-operate between library in local authority, area, nation and foreign libraries in accordance with the Law.

đ/ Research, apply scientific achivements and advanced technology on library works, modernize library step by step.

e/ Organize  professional improvement for officers of library.

g/ Manage, maintain material facilities, engineering and other assets of library.

h/ Manage stored materials of college.


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